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Restaurant Software Help Videos

Candela Food Video Tutorials

Candela food restaurant software help tutorials will guide you about the various feature of the software. Learn how to configure candela food according to your restaurant’s needs and requirements. Contact us for more details.

Restaurant software help-How-to-Configure-Halls-and-Tables

Watch Time: 3:10 (Minutes)

How to Configure Halls and Tables # 1

Restaurant software help-How-to-Define-Menu-Items-and-Raw-Material

Watch Time: 4:40 (Minutes)

How to Define Menu Items and Raw Material # 2

Restaurant software help-How-to-attach-recipe-ingredients-to-a-Menu-Item

Watch Time: 3:06 (Minutes)

How to attach recipe ingredients to a Menu Item # 3

Restaurant software help-How-to-Enter-Ingredients-Quantity-for-a-Menu-Item

Watch Time: 4:46 (Minutes)

How to Enter Ingredients Quantity for a Menu Item # 4


Watch Time: 2:51 (Minutes)

How to Configure Menu Dishes with Their Kitchens # 5


Watch Time: 3:57 (Minutes)

How to Manage Stock of Menu Items & Raw materials # 6


Watch Time: 4:49 (Minutes)

How to Handle Customer Order and Billing # 7


Watch Time: 4:27 (Minutes)

How to Reserve Swap and Combine Tables (# 8)


Watch Time: 2:41 (Minutes)

How to manage Take Aways (# 9)


Watch Time: 2:14 (Minutes)

How to manage the sales tax on Cash & Credit Card Payment?

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