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Restaurant Home Delivery Management

Get a Taste of Seamless Restaurant Home Delivery

With Candela food restaurant management software, improve food delivery operations, and let your customers and staff savor the ease of doing business.

Home Delivery Management Provides a Competitive Edge to your Restaurant/Cafe business

For your restaurant business, use the restaurant home delivery management feature to receive orders on the POS, and monitor and track status of each order on the orders screen.

Home Delivery Option

Receive Orders on Your Point of Sale

Click the Home Delivery option on the POS and enter customer contact details for home delivery. All new customers are automatically saved in your customer database.


Kitchen Receipt Button

Send Orders Directly to the Kitchen

After entering the customer details, load the customer’s order on the POS and click the Kitchen Receipt button. The order will show in the respective kitchen.

Open Order Button

Check details of Open and Dispatched Orders

Once the order is prepared, the kitchen will intimate along with the kitchen receipt. Check the status of all orders by clicking the Open Order button. The screen will display all open and dispatched orders.

Dispatch Button

Easy Dispatch of Delivery Orders

To dispatch the order, load the order from the Open Order screen, select the Delivery Man, and click the Dispatch button. The system will print the customer bill.

Final Bill Button

 Multiple Payment Options for the Final Bill

After receiving the payment from the delivery man, load the dispatched order and click the Final Bill button. The payment screen will open up, you can also use multiple payment options to enter the payment.

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